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Test your Fitness Level and Earn your Mark 

The DEKA Training System

The Deka Training System is a new and unique approach to Small Group Training that can only be found at Deka Affiliate locations like O2 Fitness. Along with the benefits of Small Group Training, which combines the exciting environment of group fitness with the benefits of 1-on-1 training, Deka’s programming is made to elevate your confidence, improve daily performance and help you become the best version of YOU!

The Three Pillars of the DEKA Training System



10 Zones

4 Rounds

30 Seconds ON/30 Seconds OFF



10 Zones

2 Rounds

90 Seconds ON/30 Seconds OFF



10 Zones 

3 Rounds 

60 Seconds ON/30 Seconds OFF

What does it mean to be a DEKA Affiliate? 

DEKA is built from functional and rudimentary movements that will increase 10x the member motivation, individual performance, and sense of community. DEKA is meant for ALL fitness levels and genres, and O2 Fitness is excited to announce our DEKA Affiliation at our Racine Dr, James Island, High Point, and Cary Parkway locations.


Along with the ability to utilize the DEKA Training System, O2 Fitness will now be able to HOST DEKA Strong and DEKA Mile events. These events are where fitness enthusiasts can really test and celebrate their fitness. They help create community connections beyond what was thought possible in the fitness world.

Want to learn more about DEKA? 

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