Personal Training

We understand the impact that personal training can have on your fitness experience.

We Have The Most Skilled & Experienced Personal Trainers

Working with one of the O2 Fitness personal trainers can help you get started on the path towards achieving your fitness and nutritional goals. Each O2 Fitness personal trainer is a skilled professional with years of experience in exercise science, physiology, and nutrition partnered with significant exposure to a variety of fitness backgrounds.


Find the Perfect Trainer

We can help you find a personal trainer at your local O2 Fitness club who specializes in your needed areas of assistance.


1-on-1 Training 

An innovative way to kickstart your tailored sessions in the club or online from an O2 Fitness Personal Trainer.


Tailored Plan for You

Our O2 Fitness Personal Trainers can gauge your goals and interests to shape a personalized training plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer two program design sessions complimentary with your membership. After those sessions, personal training packages and single sessions are available for purchase.

In club sessions are 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Online sessions are 45 minutes.

Of course! Every trainer has their own unique approach and fitness specialties.

No. A personal trainer will help optimize your workouts to get started in an efficient manner.

Yes! We offer buddy and small group training options.

Prices vary based on personal trainer level, frequency, session length, and overall commitment. Anywhere from $35-$125 a session.

We ask that clients cancel outside of the 24 hour window for their session, however we completely understand that life happens and things come up. In North Carolina we have a 15 day cancellation notice for our personal training agreements. In South Carolina we have a 30 day cancellation notice for our personal training agreements.

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