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Looking for a Personal Trainer?

O2 Fitness has you covered! We have experienced, professional and highly knowledgeable Personal Trainers throughout our North Carolina and South Carolina fitness centers. Our Personal Trainers customize a fitness plan based on your style & readiness level. You'll receive personal training solutions, safe instruction, and be held accountable to results.

Each new membership comes with 2 free personal training sessions, so be sure to take advantage of yours!

Meet the Trainers

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Jason Abraham Headshot
Jason Abraham
Terrell Adams Headshot
Terrell Adams
Wilfred Alhambra Headshot
Wilfred Alhambra
Malik Alston Headshot
Malik Alston
Joshua Alston Headshot
Joshua Alston
Sierra  Angelini Headshot
Sierra Angelini
King Azubuike Headshot
King Azubuike
Zach Banks Headshot
Zach Banks
Nicholas Barker Headshot
Nicholas Barker
Kelsey Barnes Headshot
Kelsey Barnes
Rachel Beasley Headshot
Rachel Beasley
Justin Berger Headshot
Justin Berger
Caleb Bissette Headshot
Caleb Bissette
Rowland Brand Headshot
Rowland Brand
Grayson Brown Headshot
Grayson Brown
Lorrie Bryant Headshot
Lorrie Bryant
Leanne Bryant Headshot
Leanne Bryant
Julian Burke Headshot
Julian Burke
Dennis Caldwell Headshot
Dennis Caldwell
Ross Campbell Headshot
Ross Campbell
Niko Carranza Headshot
Niko Carranza
Jessica Carter Headshot
Jessica Carter
Kleanza Cathers Headshot
Kleanza Cathers
Denis Cindric Jr. Headshot
Denis Cindric Jr.
Tyler Coats Headshot
Tyler Coats
Griffin Connors Headshot
Griffin Connors
Lauren Edgerton Headshot
Lauren Edgerton
Sean Either Headshot
Sean Either
Brecka Erdmann Headshot
Brecka Erdmann
Brandon  Felix Headshot
Brandon Felix
Katie Filidoro Headshot
Katie Filidoro
Ryan Flannery Headshot
Ryan Flannery
Alicia Gentile Headshot
Alicia Gentile
Griffen Glover Headshot
Griffen Glover
Michael Gonzalez Headshot
Michael Gonzalez
Pilar Gray Headshot
Pilar Gray
Yeremi  Gutierrez Headshot
Yeremi Gutierrez
Marcia  Guy Headshot
Marcia Guy
Denise Handibode Headshot
Denise Handibode
Mar'kevian Harrelson Headshot
Mar'kevian Harrelson
Trenton Hemp Headshot
Trenton Hemp
Terris Hightower Headshot
Terris Hightower
Lucas Holland Headshot
Lucas Holland
Brian Holloway Headshot
Brian Holloway
Molly Holt Headshot
Molly Holt
Lindsay  Hooks Headshot
Lindsay Hooks
Derrick Hutchinson Headshot
Derrick Hutchinson
Scott  Ivey Headshot
Scott Ivey
Cheyenne Johns Headshot
Cheyenne Johns
Karli Johnson Headshot
Karli Johnson
Adam Jones Headshot
Adam Jones
Travis  Joyner Headshot
Travis Joyner
Emma Kerley Headshot
Emma Kerley
John Koch Headshot
John Koch
Bronson Korzep Headshot
Bronson Korzep
Mason Krusch Headshot
Mason Krusch
CC Large Headshot
CC Large
Justin Layton Headshot
Justin Layton
Sarah Levine Headshot
Sarah Levine
Christian Lindsay Headshot
Christian Lindsay
Braxton Link Headshot
Braxton Link
Joe Loomis Headshot
Joe Loomis
Sophie Martineau Headshot
Sophie Martineau
Channing Martinez Headshot
Channing Martinez
Walnado Massenat Headshot
Walnado Massenat
Shelby Matheson Headshot
Shelby Matheson
Dorrel McClain Headshot
Dorrel McClain
Mariesa Mcculloch Headshot
Mariesa Mcculloch
Nick McElveen Headshot
Nick McElveen
Elizabeth McInnis Headshot
Elizabeth McInnis
Josh McLaurin Headshot
Josh McLaurin
Tanisha McMillan Headshot
Tanisha McMillan
Trevor Miller Headshot
Trevor Miller
Karen Monuszko Headshot
Karen Monuszko
Jordan Morgan Headshot
Jordan Morgan
Leigh Moss Headshot
Leigh Moss
Muhammad Mustafa Headshot
Muhammad Mustafa
Amanda Novachek Headshot
Amanda Novachek
Holley  Ostrander Headshot
Holley Ostrander
Brantley Pacheco Headshot
Brantley Pacheco
Jonathan Parada Headshot
Jonathan Parada
Ben Payne Headshot
Ben Payne
Johnathon Peach Headshot
Johnathon Peach
Jenn Radd Headshot
Jenn Radd
Jasmine Rahman Headshot
Jasmine Rahman
Giovonni Ravenell Headshot
Giovonni Ravenell
Lexi Reeves Headshot
Lexi Reeves
Noelle Register Headshot
Noelle Register
Bryce Reis Headshot
Bryce Reis
RJ Reyes Headshot
RJ Reyes
Jaden Richards Headshot
Jaden Richards
Jabari Rodriguez-Cummings Headshot
Jabari Rodriguez-Cummings
Isaiah Rowley Headshot
Isaiah Rowley
Abigail Royer Headshot
Abigail Royer
Ariel Rubin Headshot
Ariel Rubin
Hope Salvador Headshot
Hope Salvador
Mara Salvador Headshot
Mara Salvador
Liam Santry Headshot
Liam Santry
Nilo Sauvage Headshot
Nilo Sauvage
Drew Schultz Headshot
Drew Schultz
Jerrious Scott Headshot
Jerrious Scott
Curtis Selby Headshot
Curtis Selby
Simeon Sessions Headshot
Simeon Sessions
Bailey Sherman Headshot
Bailey Sherman
Grayson Silvester Headshot
Grayson Silvester
Anna Skovajsa Headshot
Anna Skovajsa
Andrew Smith Headshot
Andrew Smith
Holly Smith Headshot
Holly Smith
Michael  Solomon Headshot
Michael Solomon
Jennifer Stanton Headshot
Jennifer Stanton
John Stevens IV Headshot
John Stevens IV
Crystal Stroud Headshot
Crystal Stroud
Malcolm Summers Headshot
Malcolm Summers
Garrett Sykes Headshot
Garrett Sykes
Vanessa Tarallo Headshot
Vanessa Tarallo
Jeremy Thompson Headshot
Jeremy Thompson
Weldon Thorpe Headshot
Weldon Thorpe
Hannah Urick Headshot
Hannah Urick
Steve Weiner Headshot
Steve Weiner
Erik Welch Headshot
Erik Welch
Mitch  Werth Headshot
Mitch Werth
Tiara Wilkins Headshot
Tiara Wilkins
Exavier Williams Headshot
Exavier Williams
Christian Williams Headshot
Christian Williams
Tapreine Williamson Headshot
Tapreine Williamson
Eric Wilson Headshot
Eric Wilson
Christopher Windon Headshot
Christopher Windon
Ethan Ylizarde Headshot
Ethan Ylizarde
Marquez Young Headshot
Marquez Young
Alan Zapanta Headshot
Alan Zapanta
Michael Zaronas Headshot
Michael Zaronas
Kristen Zeitunian Headshot
Kristen Zeitunian

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