Personal Trainers

Looking for a Personal Trainer?

O2 Fitness has you covered! We have experienced, professional and highly knowledgeable Personal Trainers throughout our North Carolina and South Carolina fitness centers. Our Personal Trainers customize a fitness plan based on your style & readiness level. You'll receive personal training solutions, safe instruction, and be held accountable to results.

Each new membership comes with 2 free personal training sessions, so be sure to take advantage of yours!

Meet the Trainers

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Bajon Aatnite Headshot
Bajon Aatnite
Jason Abraham Headshot
Jason Abraham
Ali Akyuz Headshot
Ali Akyuz
Malik Alston Headshot
Malik Alston
Rainey Ashcraft Headshot
Rainey Ashcraft
Annie Bakenhus Headshot
Annie Bakenhus
Zach Banks Headshot
Zach Banks
Caitlin Beard Headshot
Caitlin Beard
Cassie Berger Headshot
Cassie Berger
Justin Berger Headshot
Justin Berger
Jordon Bordner Headshot
Jordon Bordner
Amy Bowles Headshot
Amy Bowles
Rowland Brand Headshot
Rowland Brand
Allison Brantley Headshot
Allison Brantley
Emily Brubaker Headshot
Emily Brubaker
Lorrie Bryant Headshot
Lorrie Bryant
Teagan Callaway Headshot
Teagan Callaway
CJ Campbell Headshot
CJ Campbell
Jack Cannata Headshot
Jack Cannata
Jessica Carter Headshot
Jessica Carter
Denis Cindric Jr. Headshot
Denis Cindric Jr.
Jessica Clarke Headshot
Jessica Clarke
Tyler Coats Headshot
Tyler Coats
Josh Condrey Headshot
Josh Condrey
Griffin Connors Headshot
Griffin Connors
Carissa Corbett Headshot
Carissa Corbett
Brett Corris Headshot
Brett Corris
Josh Crawford Headshot
Josh Crawford
Amber Creed Headshot
Amber Creed
Thomas Daubert Headshot
Thomas Daubert
Katie Deweese Headshot
Katie Deweese
Christopher Eaddy Headshot
Christopher Eaddy
Faithe Edwards Headshot
Faithe Edwards
Sean Either Headshot
Sean Either
Rachel Ellison Headshot
Rachel Ellison
Joseph Evans Headshot
Joseph Evans
Austen Everhart Headshot
Austen Everhart
Katie Filidoro Headshot
Katie Filidoro
Sami Fitean Headshot
Sami Fitean
James Flaherty Headshot
James Flaherty
Ryan Flannery Headshot
Ryan Flannery
Kelsey Fong Headshot
Kelsey Fong
Griffen Glover Headshot
Griffen Glover
Michael Guajardo Headshot
Michael Guajardo
Scott Hager Headshot
Scott Hager
Deb Hall Headshot
Deb Hall
Denise Handibode Headshot
Denise Handibode
Styles Hardamon Headshot
Styles Hardamon
DJ Heiner Headshot
DJ Heiner
Kayle Hemingson Headshot
Kayle Hemingson
Mark Infranco Headshot
Mark Infranco
Pat Ivain Headshot
Pat Ivain
Shane Kinnon Headshot
Shane Kinnon
John Koch Headshot
John Koch
Brianne Koff Headshot
Brianne Koff
Katja Kratzsch Headshot
Katja Kratzsch
Christian Lindsay Headshot
Christian Lindsay
Zach Markiewicz Headshot
Zach Markiewicz
Cameron Marshall Headshot
Cameron Marshall
Mark McCoy Headshot
Mark McCoy
Jasmine McIlwain Headshot
Jasmine McIlwain
Amanda Novachek Headshot
Amanda Novachek
Amanda Oberhaus Headshot
Amanda Oberhaus
Matt Octaviano Headshot
Matt Octaviano
Jordan Patterson Headshot
Jordan Patterson
Bree Paxton Headshot
Bree Paxton
Ben Payne Headshot
Ben Payne
Lynee Pina Headshot
Lynee Pina
Giovonni Ravenell Headshot
Giovonni Ravenell
Weston Richardson Headshot
Weston Richardson
Cathi Rider Headshot
Cathi Rider
Carley Ross Headshot
Carley Ross
Isaiah Rowley Headshot
Isaiah Rowley
Drew Schultz Headshot
Drew Schultz
Ross Sealby Headshot
Ross Sealby
Curtis Selby Headshot
Curtis Selby
Ashley Shade Headshot
Ashley Shade
Dalton Shaw Headshot
Dalton Shaw
Garland Sheilds Headshot
Garland Sheilds
Margaret Sowa Headshot
Margaret Sowa
Jennifer Stanton Headshot
Jennifer Stanton
Jen Strain Headshot
Jen Strain
Adam Troutman Headshot
Adam Troutman
Karissa Umpenhour Headshot
Karissa Umpenhour
Jeremy Waller Headshot
Jeremy Waller
Steve Weiner Headshot
Steve Weiner
Eric Wilson Headshot
Eric Wilson