Member Progress Sessions 

Every membership includes Free Monthly Progress Sessions with one of our trainers

Let Our Trainers Help You Achieve Your Goals

Whatever your fitness goals may be, O2 is here to help you achieve them. In addition to our Complimentary Personal Trainer Sessions, every membership includes a monthly Member Progress check-in with a trainer.

Sit down with one of our trainers, define your goals, and we’ll help you achieve them! We’re here to be your accountability buddy and help to get you to where you want to be. These sessions are a monthly check-in to track your progress, assess your distance to your goals, and fine-tune your plan to get there.


Connect with Trainers

Our trainers are here to educate you on all things fitness. Whether it's nutrition, workout splits, or mobility screenings, our team has the knowledge to support your plan. 

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Questions Your Trainer Might Ask

What has been your biggest struggle?

What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?

What do you feel you could change or do differently moving forward?


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Frequently Asked Questions

After we collect some basic information in the first few minutes and reassess the member's progress from their last appointment with a personal trainer, the remaining time is truly up to you!  Whether you want a solid workout for the day or to just sit and ask questions, our goal is to simply serve your needs.

The Member Progress Session is available to all members every 30 days.

During a Member Progress Session, we will reassess your health and fitness goals, check to see if any injuries or movement imbalances have popped up since your last session, and offer a solution if they have. We also would discuss how you feel your progress has been going, help uncover any obstacles and offer solutions, and determine how the time they have with us for this session can best serve them. Lastly, we discuss any wins or goals that have been hit and offer solutions to help keep or get them back on track. Let's chase your goals!

This session is truly designed to be tailored to what the member wants and needs it to be. We have a general outline that helps us as Personal Trainers determine how we can best serve the member, but outside of that, the session is what you make it! Some members may want to sit and talk about nutrition for an hour, some may want a tough workout for the day, and others may want to have a movement screening done.  The session is largely guided by the member and serves as a consistent resource to help the member in whatever ways they need.