Complimentary Sessions

At O2 Fitness, your membership comes with two, free sessions with one of our amazing Personal Trainers.

How Does It Work?

It's simple — Once you have become a member at O2 Fitness, two complimentary sessions with a Personal Trainer will be added to your account, but it is up to you to claim them. Then it's time to create the combination of your choice! You have the option to do two different session types or two of the same. Regardless of what you decide, our team is here to help you accomplish real results on your fitness journey. Learn a little more about your options and then fill out the form below to get you sessions booked.

Program Design

Program Design

Meet with a high level fitness professional to discuss your goals, overcome obstacles and design a strategic fitness and wellness program tailored to your lifestyle and needs. This is a great introduction to your fitness journey at O2 Fitness.

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Get a full workout in 60 minutes that utilizes innovative training with strength-based movement.

 + HIIT  + Strength  + Athletic  + Circuit Training  + Cardio  + Core  + Functional Training  + Equipment Orientation
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Recovery Session

Utilize vibration, percussion and stretch therapy to relieve tightness and soreness so you can perform better. A Recovery Session can be the perfect warm up before an intense workout, to get your body prepped and ready to work. It can also serve as a guided cool down to help transition your body into a resting state after your workout.

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Member Progress Sessions

Every membership includes a monthly Member Progress check-in with a trainer. Here you can set your goals, build your plan to achieve them, and track your progress. Learn more about our Member Progress Sessions here »


Frequently Asked Questions

During your Program Design Session, our trainers want you to maximize your fitness by getting to know you. Your Personal Trainer will assess where you are physically and mentally on your fitness journey. They will spend time discussing the following:

  • discovering the your "fitness why"
  • your specific goals, personal training expectations and fitness knowledge
  • any past or present conditions or pain points that could interfere with you reaching your fitness goals
  • pinpoint all of your workout and nutrition habits to help your trainer better understand your needs and how they can help.

Our Personal Training Team can offer you the exact warm up or recovery experience your body needs in order to perform at your greatest potential. With the state of the art technology and equipment such as the Power Plate, Hydromassage Chairs and Hyperice tools, we are ready to recover with you! Remember to wear comfortable workout clothing.

No! Two sessions with one of our Personal Trainers is only complimentary for our valued member.

No! Purchasing more sessions is available for anyone who feels it would be beneficial.

You do not HAVE to. However we highly recommend it to introduce you to our team, their services, and so we can get to know you and your needs.

Absolutely! Take a moment to meet our trainers and see who is the best fit for you.

Yes! If this is something you would like to do, please let our Personal Training Advisors know when you are scheduling your sessions. Have the names of your friends/family ready.