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Looking for a Personal Trainer?

O2 Fitness has you covered! We have experienced, professional and highly knowledgeable Personal Trainers throughout our North Carolina and South Carolina fitness centers. Our Personal Trainers customize a fitness plan based on your style & readiness level. You'll receive personal training solutions, safe instruction, and be held accountable to results.

Each new membership comes with 2 free personal training sessions, so be sure to take advantage of yours!

Meet the Trainers

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Malik Alston Headshot
Malik Alston
Amari Battle Headshot
Amari Battle
Daniela Diaz Headshot
Daniela Diaz
Brian Holloway Headshot
Brian Holloway
Faith Kidd Headshot
Faith Kidd
Shelby Matheson Headshot
Shelby Matheson
Dorrel McClain Headshot
Dorrel McClain
Jordan Morgan Headshot
Jordan Morgan
Muhammad Mustafa Headshot
Muhammad Mustafa
David Oglesby Headshot
David Oglesby
Erin Partin Headshot
Erin Partin
Virginia Petersen Headshot
Virginia Petersen
Katherine Robertson Headshot
Katherine Robertson
Andrew Tran Headshot
Andrew Tran
Max Wilde Headshot
Max Wilde

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Meet Your Wellness Advisors!

Angelina Padilla Headshot
Angelina Padilla
Keonikia McBride Headshot
Keonikia McBride
Betsy Kaplan Headshot
Betsy Kaplan
Asia Williamson Headshot
Asia Williamson