Program Design

An introductory health and fitness assessment with a personal trainer. These 2 one-hour sessions are a great introduction to your fitness journey at O2 Fitness.

What is Program Design?

Program Design are your two free sessions with a personal trainer that identifies where you are today, where you want to be in the future and provides a roadmap to achieve those goals. These sessions are included in your membership.

What to Expect During Your First Session:

During your initial Program Design Session, we want you to maximize your fitness by getting to know you. Your Personal Trainer will assess where you are physically and mentally on your fitness journey.


With the help of your trainer, spend a few moments discovering your "why". Discuss your specific goals, personal training expectations and fitness knowledge.


Our team needs to know about any past or present conditions or pain points that could interfere with you reaching your fitness goals.


Pinpoint all of your workout and nutrition habits to help your trainer better understand your needs and how they can help. 


Nothing too vigorous! Your trainer will watch you do a few movements, assess your posture and take a few notes.


What to Expect During Your Demo Session:

During the second Program Design Session, your trainer will show you exactly what a session, tailored to your needs, will look like.


Get your body prepped and ready to work.


Based on your first session, a custom workout has been created just for you.


Stretching and transitioning your body to a resting state is just as important as the workout itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Workout clothes and comfortable athletic shoes. Be prepared to do a few exercises and movements to show your current abilities.

No! If we take over an hour it is because we need the time to best help you.

No! Purchasing more sessions is available for anyone who feels it would be beneficial.

You do not HAVE to. However we highly recommend it to best build you a program.

Absolutely! Take a moment to meet our trainers and see who is the best fit for you.

Yes! We prefer to do the program design session with the couple or group that you plan to workout with.

It's time to get started! Book your Program Design Trainer or check out the rest of our Personal Training team. Find the perfect partner for you and learn more about Personal Training at O2 Fitness. Each O2 Fitness Personal Trainer is a skilled professional with years of experience that can help you on your path towards achieving your fitness and nutritional goals.