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Looking for a Personal Trainer?

O2 Fitness has you covered! We have experienced, professional and highly knowledgeable Personal Trainers throughout our North Carolina and South Carolina fitness centers. Our Personal Trainers customize a fitness plan based on your style & readiness level. You'll receive personal training solutions, safe instruction, and be held accountable to results.

Each new membership comes with 2 free personal training sessions, so be sure to take advantage of yours!

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Calab Bissette Headshot
Calab Bissette
Michael Dutcher Headshot
Michael Dutcher
Sean Either Headshot
Sean Either
DJ Heiner Headshot
DJ Heiner
Sydney Kroutch Headshot
Sydney Kroutch
Patrick Langmesser Headshot
Patrick Langmesser
Jen Strain Headshot
Jen Strain
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Kristen Zeitunian

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