I played soccer for 18 years, am a competitive handball player, and love to snowboard. When training, I prioritize functional movement over heavy weights to help minimize the risk of injury and keep me healthy. 

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Strength Training
I have been a member of O2 for several years, I got seriously injured in a collision and decided to get a trainer so I would not injure myself further. I was recommended James given the extent of my injuries and his knowledge and expertise of what I needed. I have been going to him since February and without a doubt I wouldn’t be halfway where I am without him. Even my physical therapist hasn’t done half the job he’s done! All the staff there is great and the establishment is always clean.
Stephanie H.
The new equipment is great and the staff are very knowledgeable. I have been using their personal training for over a year now and I can’t say enough good things. James Flaherty is the bomb.com. If you are looking for a trainer who knows his stuff and also works to improve your strength, endurance, and coordination, look no further!
Rachel W.
Have been working with James F (Daniel Island) for a few months now. Originally joined O2 to simply stay fit however he’s been amazing at addressing my issues with bulging discs in my lower back. Incredible training, clean facility, and good people.
Ryan R.
Joining O2 Fitness is the best thing I’ve ever done! It is a beautiful updated gym with a wonderful staff. My muscles were so tight my posture was poor and I knew I needed help. James has been incredible at helping me strengthen muscles I didn’t even know I had. I feel like a new person. The pain in my neck and shoulders rarely shows up. The more I work with James, the better I feel! Thanks O2 and James!
Terri G.
O2 is an excellent addition to DI. This gym is very clean and has all new equipment. Highly recommend James for personal training. James is always a pleasure to deal with and keeps me focused on achieving my fitness goals. The whole staff is outgoing and friendly to all!
John H.
Great location for those of us who live on DI and Shell Ring. This is a new gym with new equipment, and is clean and well maintained. I train with James and he is great, totally non-intimidating and works with me to meet my fitness goals. Child care is available for most of the times one would need it and the child care staff is friendly and will sometimes do crafts with the kids.
Colleen D.